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Wed, Sep. 10th, 2003, 07:37 pm
_madelyne: LOG: Maddie and Nate

Summary: Nate sits down, thinks for a minute. Voila! Maddie appears.
Setting: Switzerland… somewhere.

Nate: Nate had discovered a town about 30 minutes after wandering straight foward --- and 3 explosions of psionic energy later he discovered that these were not exactly threats --- just strange machinery that was not of his world. He'd retreated into the forest quickly before anyone could come after him for the damage he'd done, before stopping for breath near a tree. He leaned against it, cold and exhausted and alone. But most of all, alone. He knew he was far from it right now --- just not exactly how far. He wished to not be alone though. Wished so badly... as he wrapped his arms around himself and sank into a sitting position, snow softening under his weigh.

Madelyne: For a moment the world shifted, and memories were vague. Beneath her feet were leaves and twigs - she was in a forest, though how she came to be there, she did not know. Her long red hair fell past her shoulders, as she glanced around. Her green eyes took in everything - including the young man sitting on the snow. Looking at the snow she realised that she too was cold, wearing only a light top on. She obviously had been somewhere much warmer before this, but she couldn't remember where. When she looked back at the man, she thought she knew him from somewhere - though, she could not be sure of that. She did not even remember her own name... Wait. That was one thing she did remember. Her name was Madelyne. Everything else was a blur. She sat down on the snow next to the man.

Nate: Nate looks over with wide eyes when this woman just suddenly ... appears -- he never really saw the shift in her lack of presence to her suddeness here -- enough to make him, after a second of it setting in, get up --- sort of. He pushs himself up, away from her, before falling back into the snow 4 feet away with a soft slush sound. The cold ground doesn't make a very good spot as his outfit is torn up, ice touching bare skin. "Wh...who are you?!" It goes from wanting company -- to sudden paranoia at this new person. His eye is still glowing yellow, but he couldn't really attack if he wanted to at the moment, as creating her wasn't exactly taxed on nothing. She kind of looks like ... A cut off thought he lets drift away. Kind of was the key word --- it was only a cooincidence. Maybe too much of a cooindence. Had Sinister sent someone after him?

Madelyne: She looked a little surprised at his reaction. Mind you, she should have seen it coming. You don't exactly go sitting next to people you don't know after you've materialised out of nothing, without expecting some sort of reaction. She stood up slowly and looked at him clearly now that he was not on the ground. She noticed his eye glowing, but did not comment on it. "Madelyne Pryor." Her answer is simple, her voice unwavering. She made to move towards him. He was hurt, and her first instinct was to help him. Again, not knowing why, she kept her guard up slightly.

Nate: He moves back again when she comes foward, suddenly coming up against a tree. The injuries are light, though, for slaming into solid rock so hard, it was a suprise they weren't worse. Just some bruises and light cuts, the burns mainly just were on the clothing itself. "Where did you come from." He asks solidly, his hands back against the tree on both sides, showing a defensive stance that obviously means he won't let her any closer until he's found himself enough answers. He looks angered to a degree but there's a sense of being scared behind it.

Madelyne: She stopped dead in her tracks when she noticed the position he was in. "I was just going to... to help... you're hurt..." She managed to stumble. This was all confusing for her - and him as well, apparently. She took a few steps back and sat back down on the ground, trying to show him that she didn't mean any harm. The look of anger on his face was belied by the fact that she could read a hint of being scared in his eyes. "I don't know where I came from. One minute I was..." She stopped, and took a deep breath. "Listen, I just got here -" she waved her arms to indicate the forest "- and I don't know how. There has to be a reason for it - there always is - but at the moment I don't know what that reason is." She brought her knees up to her chest, hugging them. "Who are you?"

Nate: He watched her movements carefully --- and any readings he got off his light telepathy. He was too exhausted to check anything thouroughly --- just seeing if she was lying or not. Upon seeing she was, in fact, telling the truth ... he relaxed in the slightest. But still stayed back. "I'm ... Nate. Nate Grey. ... I just got here, too. Maybe ... maybe we got here the same way." He glances off to the side, before rubbing his upper left arm at an irritated cut by cold snow, brushing it off. It was only getting colder, as the sun began to sink. He slowly looks to her green eyes once more with his greyish blue ones. "Did you come to escape from Sinister too?" The idea of ... alternate reality has not dawned on him in the slightest yet.

Madelyne: Nate Grey? Something in the back of her mind told her she knew that name somewhere but she could not pinpoint the reference. At least he didn't seem as hostile now. Until he looked into her eyes and said that... that name. It hit a nerve and she glared at him, untainted anger evident in her eyes. She scrambled further away from him. "Don't speak that name to me!" she yelled at him. Her voice echoed in the empty silence. She was back to hugging her knees, this time tears falling down her cheeks.

Nate: Suprise replaces the other expression on his face, seeing her reaction... truely prooves against any suspicions he might have. "I'm ..." He doesn't know what to say at first. "I didn't know you..." Doesn't really finish that sentance either, instead he shyly reachs a hand out, pausing halfway before he puts it on her shoulder --- acting like it might burn his hand or something. "I hate him, too." He finally decides that's good enough, removing his hand after a moment and adjusting to sit a little closer to her again --- across from.

Madelyne: Madelyne was only vaguely aware of what he was saying to her. She felt his hand on her shoulder, and then she felt him sit opposite to her. Without any reason, she leaned forward and rested her head on his chest, tears falling down her cheeks. That name infuriated her and upset her at the same time. She had heard Nate say that he hated him as well, and that made him safe for her to hold to. After a few minutes she began to shiver in the chill air that was rapidly cooling as night descended.

Nate: He looked down to her, his face softening as she cried. He had no idea what could of made her so upset --- of course, there were many possible reasons, with some of the horrible things that man had done. And now, she too was here like him, unsure of why and how she got here. For some reason, it made him feel better. Not her situation alone --- their situation being the same. Even if that meant they weren't going to do so well as being with someone who knew where they were --- he didn't have any reason to be suspicious of her. Growing up where he had, you had to constantly be on alert, constantly suspecting the worst and constantly dealing with it. He put an arm around her after a long moment and just holding her quietly, letting her calm some --- though it switched to bringing slightly closer when it got colder and he felt her shiver. True, he didn't know who she was, but it was instinct. She was a woman, after all. "We should ... find somewhere to stay." He says, finally. He thinks best to avoid the Sinister topic for now as it wasn't on his list of favorites either.

Madelyne: She moved away from him slightly, and wiped her eyes. She was embarrassed for behaving the way she had. Now she consciously felt the chill in the air and wrapped her arms around herself. She nodded when he suggested they should find somewhere to stay. She had calmed down a great deal, and she worked on further composing herself. "I don't know where we are," she told him what he knew already. "Unless you saw somewhere to stay earlier." This whole situation was confusing and it made Madelyne feel annoyed that she could not sort out little details in her mind. For the moment it seemed she would be almost dependent on Nate.

Nate: "We're in ... Switzerland, I think that's what the sign I saw earlier said." He couldn't really distinguish it as a clear factor showing him he was in the wrong place --- he'd grown up in the American Northeast, underground at that, and had never seen such a place. Perhaps Apocalypse just ran things ... different here? He slowly gets up then, looking both ways. "Town is ... that way." He gestures, before he offers a hand to help her up.

Madelyne: She took his offered hand, and was greatful for the help, she realised when her legs ached from the cold of the snow. Switzerland seemed familiar, but like everything else today, it she could not find it in a whole memory. Maybe she had hit her head sometime earlier, and was just suffering temporary amnesia? She followed quitely as Nate began to lead her into the town.

Nate: He leads them in --- a different way, to keep from anyone noticing him for being the boy who'd caused some trouble earlier out on one of the main roads. It only takes a little while, heading down a side walk --- though it seems to take longer to both of their exhausted bodies --- before they reach a quaint little place that seems more like an inn then a hotel, very olden looking. Luckily, that was familiar enough to Nate. This was a fairly older seeming town --- it didn't seem as bizarre to him as things would eventually become. He arranges a room, not without getting an odd look from the man behind the counter, a look Madelyne recieves too. Luckily, english is spoken when Nate uses it --- unlike what he'd heard earlier on the road. The room they're given is nice and big, two beds and a bathroom to the side with a shower. Which may be nice later --- right now Nate just wants to get some sleep, not caring to treat his injuries that have a sort of sting still, but the cold numbed them. He gets on one of the beds, lying down without another word --- figuring she will do the same.