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Fri, Sep. 12th, 2003, 03:07 pm

Synopsis: Rahne and Jono wake up in cages inside of a warehouse building-like room. Jason, the man who had captured them, and the Reverend Craig, Rahne's abusive father figure, come into the room. The Reverend, still convinced that Rahne is of demonic spawn, beats her until she tranforms and takes the upperhand, rendering him unconsious. Jono fights back agains Jason, and does the same. SEX IS IMPLIED. HAH!

Location: Shady hideout :D

Rahne: Rahne woke up groggily, her head throbbing. Her eyes fluttered open as she let out a groan, trying to pull her hand to her forehead.. but she couldn't move. Her eyes snapped open to their fullest, awakening the rest of the way as panic swept over her. She soon came to relize she was tied up and in a cold, steel bared cage to keep her in if she decided to change. She let out a whimper and thrashed around abit, a hot feeling sweeping over her. "Anyone there??! Kin someone 'elp me!!" she cried out, hot tears streaming down her face. There was silence..

Jono: Jono stirs awake moments later when a voice awakens him. He takes a moment to absorb information of where he is, what the situation is. First realizes he can't really move at all, which means he can't bring a hand up to discard his bandages. If he attempted to just burn the material away, he could perhaps make an escape --- but he remembered there had been mind control, and he would most likely just be brought back here. Best to see what the hell is going on first. His eyes scan the room, a sort of darker reddish colour so he can see better in the areas that are still dark. Finally, they reach the side, where he spots the girl he had seen earlier. She's crying, and he thinks to not say anything first, as his voice is always rather ... rudely abrupt to the senses and he didn't want to scare her. He looks off for a moment before he hears her again and cringes slightly. [['ey...]] His voice finally inserts itself in her head, hollow sounding and not exactly friendly, making her look up. [[Over 'ere.]] Echoes slightly, not really helping her pinpoint a direction, but the room isn't too big anyway. [[Yer ok...?]] He asks, in a sort of way of bad injuries. It's kind of funny, it's only been 5 days back at the X-Mansion and these things are happening to him again. He's seen worse. And thus doesn't think of this situation as bad as possible injuries, asking in that sense.

Rahne: The voice that spoke inside of her head frightened her. It was as hollow sounding as the one that had made her lose control of her motions and mind, but it was more friendly. But that wasn't saying much. It suprised her enough that she jumped, slamming her head into the top of the cage, which was only tall enough for her to sit up, slouching her back. She groaned, longing to touch her head with her hand, but her body movement was still restricted. She sat up, lowering her eyes to the steel bottom of her encasement. "Aye.." She spoke in her shy voice, but the emptiyness of the room and walls of the cage made her voice sound larger. "Ah am, sir.. 'O are--" She stopped talking as soon as the door slammed open, the sound revirberating to her ears. There were two sounds of footsteps, one heavier then the other. "Where is the whore?" asked a high, cold voice that she recognized all too well.

Jono: He's about to add something else before it doesn't go through when another voice speaks up. It's not like they could hear him if he spoke, or like it'd be alerting special attention as they already knew where to find them, simple suprise. He wondered what in the world this girl could have done --- could be --- to get enough attention for this kind of deal. And for a brief moment, if he should of just minded his own buisness. The thought fades though, reminding himself he is not living on his own any longer and he has responsibilities to other people, other mutants once more. Knowing this is not going anywhere good, he sees if he can charge up some of his power, the faintest hints of warm yellow and oranges beneath black silk bandages still caging it, just in case ... before it can be noticed and held back once more.

Rahne: "Over there." The man whos voice was inside her head answered the call of the other man, and rushed footprints where heard as they made their way over to her. She pushed herself back against the cage with her legs, her emerald eyes looking upon the perfectly polished black shoes of the man with whom abused her for her entire life; verbally and physically.. Reverend Craig. He leaned down and stared at Rahne, his brown hair falling before his eyes, nearly the same color as Rahnes, but not as friendly. He sneered. "Let 'er out, Jason." Jason, the man whom had brought rahne and Jono there, opened the lock with his keys, and pushed the door open with a slight creak. The Reverand reached in and pulled Rahne out by her hair. She let out a protesting scream as she dropped her on her ass on the cold steel floor before his feet. "Wai.. 'ello, Rahne.. Ah've been look'n fer ye, ye fuck'n dockside whore." The girl before him was reduced to tears, her face twisted into a silent scream. "P-please, C-Craig..Moira.." "MOIRA DOESN'T KNOW ANYTHIN'!!" The slap he gave her forced her to fall hard against the floor, and slide. As he continued to yell, jason walked over to Jono's cage and placed his hand on the top, standing beside it and leaned. "Heh.. Enjoying the show, boy?"

Jono: Jono watchs in shock as she's pulled out by her hair, screamed at, his eyes wide, shocked into just ... staring for a moment until the sound of the other man's voice alerts him. He narrows his crimson red eyes, before they suddenly flash gold and energy comes tearing out from his bandages, partially melting the bars on the cage, and touching the sides enough to heat them up so much that Jason has to quickly get off the heated metal. The ties burn away from Jono who gets up as much as he can --- there's not a lot of space, moving for the front of the cage in an attempt to get out, grabbing for the bars which are scalding hot now but enough to bend easy, his hands only feeling a warm sensation -- the kind that's almost too much to bare for more than a good few seconds --- but to those with normal nerves it would be impossible to touch at all. He wants to aim for the man attacking Rahne from here, but he knows he risks hurting her as well, he needs to be partially out for that, and he thinks maybe his power gave enough of a shock to allow him that time. All he knows is he can't just sit there and watch, not rationally thinking about the other one's power.

Rahne: "SHIT!" Jason retracted his hand from the abrs lightening fast, looking at his throbbing, red hand. He stood back and watched Jono, an unseen wind blowing through his hair, his sick looking yellow eyes shinning black for a moment as his voice screams into Jono's brain. "Stand still. Don't move. Sit back silently down and WATCH." As his mind began to take control over Jono's movements, he becan to relize what an excellent asset he could be.. The Reverend walked over to Rahne and kneeled down before her, watching her writhe in pain. She was still tied, her hands behind her back and legs tied at the ankle. "All Ah ever asked fer ye, girl.. was tae give me nay shit while ye grew up, an' tae keep in th' chruch and learn the ways of God.." the anger in his voice slowly grew... "But nay.. ye 'ad tae go and worship th' DARK ARTS." He grabbed a tuft of her hair and pulled her crying face to his. "Ah saw what ye kin do, girl.. Ah saw yer in mai church, tak'n on th' form of a minion of Satan!!!" He pulled out a cross from inside of his brown jacket, and held it before him. He let Rahne drop to the floor.. she slowly stopped crying, now begining to feel more angry then she was frightened.

Jono: Jono resisted strongly for a moment, his hands still on the burning, partially melted bars, until they slowly slipped away. There were scars on his hands now, not big enough to leak energy, and he certainly didn't have any blood anymore, so they stayed a pale white. He sits back slowly once more, his eyes gaining a hollowed look once more as he watchs the scene unfold --- but hears, sees everything, and it processes to him that she must be a mutant. And, from his words, a metamorph? The site was really unbelievable, before his eyes, as she seemed to be so submissive to what he yelled at her, was she really deserving of that? Though his mind was under control, his powers still stayed active --- he just couldn't use them himself. He sensed something different about her --- though no recognition of this showed on his face, controlled by the other man.

Rahne: "Recite the Lairds Prayer, ye whore of Lucifer!!!!" Craig thrusted the cross into Rahnes tied hands. "SAY IT!!!!" he glared down at her and stood up, but she said nothing. She didn't know what was coming over her; she wasn't crying anymore.. and a fury was slowly taking over her fragile form. "Nay..", she whispered, the tears stopping flowling from her emerlad eyes, their shimmer slightly dwindling. The Reverend stared down at her, his own green eyes bearing into hers. "What did ye say...?" He raised his foot back for a well-aimed kick to her sides. "AH SAID, 'WHAT DID YE SAY', YE FUCK' WHORE." "SHUT UP!!!" Rahne screamed something she hd been unable to say for years and years.. The ropes that bounded her arms and legs together ripped as her arms and legs grew and began to be covered with fur. her canines became elongated and sharp as knifes, her eyes remaining their green color, but her black, round pupils became like crescant moons.. She stood up, the ropes falling from her and onto the floor, a good 7 feet tall. She stared down at the Reverend, her face twisted in anger. she let out a guttral snarl, and smacked him across the face, sending him straight into the wall, 10 feet behind him. Jason snapped out of controlling Jono for a moment, completely shocked by what the formerly beautiful girl had done.

Jono: Jono was so shocked to begin with, he didn't even notice the control slip away at first. Of course, the Reverend had definitely deserved what came to him, and more --- but. He realized finally, he could move again, and took his chance, reaching foward once more and finishing pulling the still blistering bars away, almost falling out onto the floor straight onto his face from the height he had been allowed to get out under. Great. Really X-Men material, right there. He looks up to the once-much smaller girl stranger, at her new form, before back to the man who had been yelling at her, his energy growing strong once more, and he made sure to not let weakness overcome him again. If he was to find control in his head again, he would push it away by force. He instead finally turned to Jason who had just noticed Jono had gotten out, before a blast of energy hit him strong. If he had wanted to burn him as bad as the bars, he could of, but instead just decided on a strong blast to knock him against the wall, hard, so he couldn't start his power up once more.

Rahne: With a yell, Jason flew backwards as Jonos energy surge hit him. he flew back, feeling his skin burning. "no. not yet.. I need you, boy.." Jason placed his hand to his temple, and tried once more to obtain Jono's mind. Meanwhile, Rahne advanced upon the Reverend. Her voice was deep, scratchy.. much like if she was truely a demon like he had convinced her. She walked heavily, her weightnealyt tripled by muscle mass.. "Ev'ry thin'..ye ever tol' me.. was a lie.." (Lion king, anyone?) She picked him up by the collar, and pulled him close to her face, saliva dripping down her chin. "Ah'' Ah'm sorry!!" he stammered, fear finally taking over his own ferocious visade. "Shut.. up.." Rahne snarled, throwing her head back and letting out a ear-splitting howl that shook tha cages on the ground.

Jono: [[No.]] Jono said solidly into Jason's head, his own developping telepathic power putting up stronger walls --- certainly nothing of a practiced telepathy, but he seemed to get better with it in the midst of battle. His energy flared out once more, the equivalant of a bull snorting a warning before it charges, energy flying out from his form, just ghosting over Jason, before snapping back like a rubbed band to his outline, psionic lightening flashing within the orange and yellows, showing he'd shoot it again if he tried anything. He's suddenly suprised by the howl though, cringing before looking over his shoulder to see what's going on. He certainly doesn't find it fit to ... help ... whatever is going on there obviously has some history behind it, what she's doing is deserved for her, to get back at him. He's only seen the scene go on for a few minutes, but he's put together a good deal of the puzzle peices. It doesn't even hit him that by 'Moira' she ment Moira MacTaggart, who he never met but saw pleanty of pictures of from Banshee, who had been interested in her for a long while. Small world.

Rahne: No? jason laughed. "No indeed.." He turned and looked to Rahne, who had now thrown Reverend against another wall, leaving a blood stain and an unconsious body. She was panting heavily, filled with rage. she sniffed the air, and turned to Jason and Jono with another low growl that sounded more like a laugh then anything else. Jason stared at her, and Rhane once more lost consiousness of her own body. He stood up as the 7 ft tall werewolf took by his side. "You think you can take her on? One of your own..?"

Jono: Jono pauses at the turn of events, looking to Jason and then up to Rahne, who now stood taller than him, and was obviously more of threat than he could be in a swift manner. He had power, but he had no subtly in it, no quick clean blasts when they were powerful --- they'd just take out the whole area and risk injuring more than just one person, or himself. He had no idea who this girl was --- maybe this was all some kind of elaborate set up. It'd happened before. Maybe he was missing something key. But, still... [[No.]] He repeats the same words, looking to Jason once more. [[I couldn't 'urt ....]] Back up to Rahne then for a moment. [[a lady.]] His energy calms slightly, still crackling outwards, bits and peices hanging off to the side before they either fade or rejoin the hole in his torso. He probably couldn't even bring himself to use it defensivily against her if she did attack, always worried how much of a risk his own power was. The best he had, if she attacked, was to dodge.

Rahne: Jason laughed slightly. "Haha.. and I thought chivarly was dead, boy.. Well, if thats the case, then stand down." Heis sick, yellow eyes bore deep into Jonos. "Stand down, boy, or feel the wrath of a this neglected girls claws." Rahne just stood there, dumb looking, saliva dripping down her fangs and onto the floor, tattered clothing shreds hanging from her massive muscles.

Jono: [[Right, then ...]] Jono looks down to the cold floor at that, in a submissive, retreating sort of manner, before his empty voice inserts itself in Jason's head once more. [[Yer know, though ... Unless me eyes need a check, yer ain't a lady.]] Energy suddenly shoots foward once more, his dark blonde hair flying up, bursts of oranges and golds and bright white that are blinding, almost just singing the ends of Rahne's fur on the side, knocking Jason back against the wall, hard this time, enough for him to loose concentration on Rahne, enough to knock him unconcious.

Rahne: Jason flew backwards, and hit the wall hard. He slid down like a doll, ending up on his side, in a fetal position, unconsious.. Rahne shook her head and bellowed, regaining her mind. She looked down at her clawed, padded hands, her expression horrified an frightening at the same time as she looked at Jono. "Wha.. what 'appened..?" Her voice was still low, a deep growl.. but there was still a trace of angelic innocence..

Jono: He watchs Jason a moment, to be sure he's really out, before he looks back to Rahne. [[Well ... Yer attacked 'im ---]] Gestures to the knocked out Reverend, seeing how much she did remember. [[and then ye' ....]] Pauses as he doesn't want it to sound, well, harsh. He remembers how she had been before this form. Keeps that in mind. [[It's no matter, they're both out of it now. We need t'get out of 'ere before that changes.]] All those little important details you're suppost to give when you meet someone are moot right now, and he looks over for an exit, before back to her. He's not really the one to be lend the comfort if she's new to her mutation. He's stopped being so voiced about his bitterness towards his power, but in turn he's hardened up a lot more about everything.

Rahne: Rahne nodded to Jono. Though she looked scarey in this form, she seemed so.. calm and sheepish right now, even after being angry at the Rev. she looked at the fallen man with her eyes as the crescant pupil changed back to a perect cirlce She ran over to Jason and grabbed his coat to cover herself before Jono could see her. She kept her eyes to the floor and walked over to him, playing with her hands, her voice quiet.. "Kin.. kin ye take me 'ome.. sir..?" She brought her eyes up to him, tears swelling, and eventually falling down her flawless, young face.

Jono: He watched the transformation at first before realizing she'd come out clothes-less, looking off to the side for a moment, before she grabbed his coat and he rubbed the back of his head slightly. He attempted to rebandage himself at that, sort of failing since he'd burned the tips. It'd destroyed his t-shirt as well. His eyes frown slightly down when he can't really cover it very well, bits and peices of energy poking out, even when he tries to dim it some, which means he'd just have to take what came on the street if anyone bothered to point it out. Luckily, by now he was use to other mutants, at least, seeing his disfigured appearence, all the scars on his face. He looks back to her when she looks up to him as well, as she begins to cry once more. He nods, after a moment. [[Where do yer live ...?]]

Rahne: She smiled slightly, giving him a small nod. She turend her head, her scarlet hair falling before her emerald eyes as she turned and glanced over at the reverend who had not yet stirred from his unconsious sleep. "Ah live.. Well, Ah jus' moved there, an' Ah donnae know th' address, but.. tis the Xavier Institute.. Evah 'eard of it..?"

Jono: [[Yer live at Xavier's? ... I'm new there, too. I'm a ... well, I'm one of the X-Men.]] He never looked past the age he had 'died' at, 18, though he was 22 now. Sort of an introduction, he holds a hand out to her. [[Name's Jonothon. Mates call me Jono. Or Chamber, when I'm working.]] A small glimpse of friendliness, though it's not really said with a smile in his eyes. He smiles rarely as it's not the easy instinct of the curve of the lips anymore. [[Yerself ...?]]

Rahne: Rahne looked at Jonos hand, almost puzzled by this friendly gesture. She wasnt used to people like Paige, and Tabitha, and Jono to be so nice to her. Having no friends growing up, she was new to this, and it frightened her. Slowly, she moved her hand up and shook Jonos, but only for a moment. "Rahne.. Rahne Sinclair, sir.." She kept her eyes to the floor, and she moved her left foot back behind her right one nervously.

Jono: He nods slightly, spotting a door not so far away. [[Come along.]] He gestures with his hand over his shoulder, leading them outside, going out a seperate exit. He sees they come out in a different alley. He exits, holding the door for her, before he lets it slam shut. He looks around as they walk out from the alley, getting a general idea of where they are --- isn't too far away from the mansion, just a couple miles. They start down the sidewalk, it's night time now as they'd been out of it for awhile, little bits of light poking out from his black bandages draw more attention because of so. There's a long silence that follows, before Jono speaks once more, quietly in attempt to not suprise her with it's tone. [[That man was ...?]] Wondering more if she knew of the one that had used mind control on them, as he'd already sort of seen her connection to the Reverend.

Rahne: Rahne followed him obediantly, keeping her eyes to the floor, watching her bare feet as she walked. As they stepped onto the sidewalk, she looked discusted at the thought of walking on it, but she kept her complaints quietly to herself, and followed behind Jono. "'E.. 'e was th' man Ah've lived wit' mai 'ole life, sir.."

Jono: [[Yer don't 'ave t'call me 'sir'.]] From in front of her he says, rather solidly, which doesn't come off very friendly, and he regrets it after a moment. He attempts to make the next bit sound gentler. [[Not 'im ... the other one, d'ye know 'im too?]] Seeing how strong he had been against both of them --- and the fact he was still on the loose, was worth alerting the Proffessor of.

Rahne: Rahne jumped slightly at the sound of Jonos stern voice. It started her, but then again, she would jump at the drop of a hat nowadays. her voice was so gentley quiet, she doubted Jono would hear her. "Ah'm.. sorry.." She picked up her pace abit, and was only a few inches from Jonos shoulder. "Nay, s--uum.. Jono, Ah donnae.. sorry.. Ah suppose Craig 'ired 'im tae fin' me.."

Jono: [[Oh ...]] He nods slightly. Perhaps they shouldn't have left the two there. What was to keep them from coming after Rahne again, then? [[Yer know ... mutancy aside, 'e should be in jail for ... what 'e did t'yer.]] Once again, tries to phrase it in a gentler way. [[Does 'e live around 'ere...?]] If indeed they were still around, it should be taken care of.

Rahne: Rahne ran in front of Jono, reaching up and placing her hands on his shoulders, her face one of pleading. Her brow was furrowed, and she looked extremly distressed. "Nay!! Nay, you cannae tell ANYONE Craig came 'ere.. 'e'll fin' me again, and 'e'll kill me, Jono!!!! 'E tried once, an' e'll try 'gain.." She took her hands off of him and looked to her bare feet. "...Please..."

Jono: He looked to her pleading face, narrowing his darker eyes slightly but not in annoyed way at her, but at the thought of that man. [[Gel ... That's just it, 'e will try again ... That's why 'e should be behind bars where 'e can't.]] When it still seemed sort of ... unconvincing. [[I'll make sure 'e won't lay a finger on ye again.]] That was part of his job now, wasn't it? Rahne was one of those few people he could give sympathy for --- something he only gave when he saw a situation truely deserving of it. Considering she had said she'd lived with that man for her entire life ... it definitely qualified.

Rahne: I'll make sure 'e won't lay a finger on ye again. Those words swam through Rahne's head. No one had ever said anything like that to her before.. Even though she got this feeling that he didn't enjoy her company, those words really ment alot to her. No one ecxept for Moira has offered to help her through tough times and say that they would protect her. She rose her emerald eyes to meet his, and her smiled at him. not one of her fake, shy smiles, no.. this one was real. "Ah.. Ah thankee, Jono.. really.."

Jono: Jono paused for a moment when she gave him a smile and his brown eyes, still with the tiniest specks of gold, showed a hint of a smile for, just a second, and then he looked over again, towards the direction they were going, over her head. [[Yeh ... It's no problem.]] In his manner to stay naturaully casual about it, even if he did see that it meant a good deal to her. He continued on with that towards home, noting to take a bit shorter strides so she could keep up at his side.

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