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Sat, Sep. 13th, 2003, 10:40 am
alex_summer: LOG: Alex and Monet

Summary: Alex arrives in New York and makes a big bang of an impression, attracting the unwanted attention of a mutant hunter. Luckily, Monet is there to save the day.
Setting: New York International Airport

Alex: There's a reason that Alex hates aeroplanes and every single on of them has been proved on the flight from Hawaii to New York. First he was placed next to a sticky child, who of course latched onto him, and then he'd been unabled to get any rest at all and was feeling distinctly... frazzled. He probably looked it too, with the mass murderer crazed eyes and Albert Einstien hair. He irritatedly shoved his fringe away from his eyes with one hand, the other carrying his single bag. His surfboard would be coming special delivery soon after, since he hadn't known how convenient it would be to ship and there was no way he was going to take the risk of getting it damaged.
He was in the main area of the Airport, in the middle of the bustling people all getting in each other's way and with the mood he was in, he was ready to scream. He still needed to find a taxi and then somehow make his way to the school on his own, since they hadn't been able to send someone to pick him up. He tried to maneuver through the crowd to the best of his ability, threading through until he reached the edges near the duty free shopping and other stores. Set his bag down for a second, carefully between his feet so that no one made off with it and stretched, arms wide to relieve his cramped muscles. His hands are itching again and he rubs them together, a sulky pout pushing forward his lower lip slightly.

Hunter: He stands, watching. Ever since he recieved information that a mutant would be on the flight, he's been waiting for his prey. A mutant. An abomination. Something that could pasd for human but would never be that. Something that needed to be wiped out... and he was the man to do so. He didn't know who the mutant was yet but he would find out. They could never hide for long; not from him.

Monet: Monet had arrived in the airport right on time, exiting from first class that had been completly reserved for her. Penance was at her side, her spikey hair done back with a band over her forehead, and overalls with black leather bandages underneath, most of the buckles hid underneath the overalls. She stood up like a normal human, something she'd been taught over the past few months, though it was uncomfortable for her. Her clawed feet were wrapped in bandages, her clawed hands at her side. Though this looked slightly more convincing, it was still not perfect, so Monet kept an illusion over her. She looked like a 16 year old girl with straight red hair and shockingly blue eyes. Both of them exit, all of her stuff being driven to the mansion by some other hired hands. She had more than 'a few bags'. She did carry one bag, however. She wore a white shirt that had one sleeve over her shoulder and then draped down, her stomach exposed, and a long white skirt with intricate touchs here and there, made by one of her personal designers. She glances around, looking for the sign the man who's driving her is suppost to hold, but frowns at the crowd. She wished she could just fly above it all to check. She doesn't speak to Penance to come along when they move, as it's assumed the girl is deaf. Though she seems to understand some things, it apparently comes from reading lips, or seeing the item the person is talking about. With her back to Penny, it prooves useless. She follows along, anyway.

Alex: His hands are actually starting to hurt now and he flexes them, grimacing and wincing. They haven't acted up like this since he first manifested, and he's getting edgier. There's no way that he wants a repeat of the first bright lightshow, especially in such a crowded area with all the harm that he can do. He closes his eyes and breathes in slowly, trying to count backwards in order to calm himself, but the crush of people is getting too much. He's jostled, eyes flying open to stumble to one side and on instinct he flings out a hand to hold onto the wall. The brilliant flash of light almost blinds him, and he falls forward as the wall he was leaning on for support seems to crumble beneath him. Around, people begin to scream and point and panic. He panics himself, pulling roughly to his feet and grabbing his bag, racing towards the exit. The people in frount of him part easily, too cowed by the destructive impact of his powers to prove much of an obstruction. There's no where to go though, and all he ends up doing is dashing into a Staff Only door, into a blank, featureless corridor. His breathing sounds loud in the sudden silence as the noise of the outside is cut off, and his footsteps slap loud against the linolum. He can't stop - keeps running blindly until he reaches the end, leaning his forehead on his arm against the wall, taking harsh sobbing breaths.

Hunter: There. His sharp eyes see the flash of light easily, and he works his way subtly through the crowd. Stalks silently after his prey as it flees, a vain effort to get away. It's convenient how it has partitioned itself off, hiding with animal like instincts but none of the cunning that it would need to throw him off. A cruel smile plays at his lips as he easily slips through the door, leaving the milling confusion behind him. No one tries to stop him, his slow and confident progress making it seem like he has the authority to do so. There's no need to rush - it will not get away.

Monet: Monet shows clear annoyance when suddenly someone bumps in her in effort to run away. "Excuse me!" She yells back as the person runs. It's odd though, this is a whole group running away. Some not noticing as they brush by Penance with her claws at her side still, their bags get a rip in them. Something they'll notice later. What's going on? She thinks, before she hears "MUTANT!". She immediatly freezes, wondering if her illusion has fallen off of Penance. Looks over to the girl, but she's still just a wide eyed, slightly foreign looking girl, with confusion. She brings a dark finger up to her temple and does a quick telepathy scan, before she suddenly finds something. Run and panic and stop and it's all a blur of haste and worry. She doesn't make a break towards where she feels it, she does not draw attention to herself. She spots right as the Staff Only door shuts the last few inchs as the hunter as slipped in. She narrows her eyes and then walks foward. "Stay here, Penance." She speaks then as she turns to the girl, pointing down at the floor to mean 'here'. Penance looks slightly worried then ... there's so many people here. She hasn't been near so many people in so long, it's scary. "I'll be back for you." She puts her hand on her own chest, then in the lightest over Penance's. The illusion is left on her as Monet walks to do the door and softly puts a hand on it, opening it silently, seeing a blank hallway. She hovers off the ground in the slightest so her boots won't draw attention to her presence. There are turns left and right down a straight hallway, and she suddenly hears some slow steps down a different hallway to the right. She knows that's not the mutant because the mutant is panicing --- it's someone after him.

Alex: The sound of his breathing and his heart pounding drowns out any noise that he would otherwise hear and he's almost on the verge of tears. Contains them, thoough, because it isn't the time to panic. He needs to figure out how to get out of there, how to get to somewhere safe - like the school. He doesn't think that a good description of him will be out so fast, be he can't risk it. There's too much to lose, being identified as an active mutant especially when there are mutant hunters and negative press already. Taking a few more sobbing breaths, he pulls himself together, composing himself with the famous steely determination. What's done is done and there will be enough time for recriminations later.

Hunter: He's almost cheerfully assembles his gun, the soft click of the pieces fitting together providing a fitting song for his mind. Slides on the silencer with a flourish, smiling grimly. There's twists and turns in this corridor, but it doesn't seem that the mutant would be intelligent enough to keep watch. Not after that oestentious display of powers - it was like it was asking to be killed, a gift from God that showed favour to His humble severnt devoted to His duty of clensing the abominations from Earth. Silently, he padded around the corner. The mutant was there, just standing like the perfect target. Smiled again, satisfied, and took sight along the firing mechanism. One shot would do. No need to waste any ammunition.

Alex: Alex turns around in an unsteady, jerky move. He's not quite balenced; while he's determined to do what he must to get out of the situation, he's not sure that physically he's up to the challenge. Adrenaline runs through him, fear and panic and pain. Looks up with desperate eyes - and freezes. A man. A gun. Flashes of images and he reacts almost instinctively, diving to one side, his bag forgotten on the floor.

Monet: Monet hears a sudden click, the last peices being assembled, her super hearing making it sound like it's echoing throughout the hallway. Gun. She concentrates her telepathy harder, as one wrong turn down this hallway could proove a fatal mistake. She has power diverted to keeping Penance's illusion as well, and she hasn't been greatly excercising her powers over the past few years. She flew around on her estate, miles and miles of empty land, and occasionally used her telepathy --- but nothing intense. Not illusional, telepathic, and flight power all at once like now. Seems she can still manage though, she has a lock. She goes flying down the hallway before she makes a sharp right, her body flying through the air completly silent. When Alex looks up from where he landed, he sees a brown and white flash come foward suddenly as she builds her super speed and slams a fist into the mans back. Not enough to snap his spine which she could of easily done, enough to knock him down and to grab his gun as it flies out of his hand. She lands between Alex and the man then, crushing the gun in her hands with strength, making it nothing more then a oddly shaped rectangle of metal and then tossing it aside. Thinking the man is down, that he wouldnt have any other weapons on him is stupid, because that wasn't enough to knock him unconcious --- but seeing Alex like that, what's more important is has he been shot? "Are you all right, boy?" She's only nineteen, but she'll be twenty in a few months. It's in her nature to use that word even for someone just a few days youngar than her.

Alex: Today has been shock piled upon shock and stress and panic and Alex stares up at the girl in pure dumb amazement for a few seconds. He thought he was going to die for a few seconds there, featr overwhelming him at the last moments and suddenly this girl... she'd just appeared like that and the other man was... "I'm..." Fine didn't seem like the right adjective there, but he couldn't exactly overwhelm his savior with a rush babble stream of words like he was prone to do. "Okay. Now. Thank you." The words seem inadequate, but the look on his face is about two steps down from outright awe. He's feeling almost dizzy from the relief, lightheaded and his vision is sparking before his eyes, making his hands look like they're sparklers as he looks down. Then blinks. It still didn't clear and there's a pressure building up behind his eyes, making him feel slightly nauseous. 'I'm... really sorry about this," he manages to get out in a blurred rush of words, and then seems to convulse, the power from his hands pushing his body as blasts randomly shoot out towards the floor and walls. Where they impact they crumble huge chunks. He lies limp besides from that, like his power has managed to wipe him out.

Hunter: He hurts. It shouldn't be possible, not as a Servent of God to be beaten by one of those monstrosities, but perhaps it is a test. Yes. A test to prove how worthy he is, in fighting those demons in human bodies. Slowly, painfully, he reaches for his secondary weapon, another shotgun that is always loaded and primed. Before he can draw it out, the lightshow begins, but he's shielded from where he was thrown. There's no need for caution to be silent then, as it's making more then enough noise. He draws out the gun, stroking softly against the smooth barrel and roughly points it towards that direction. His back is hurt too much to sight properly, but he's practiced enough to know how to adjust.

Monet: Her eyes widen slightly when power begins to shoot out from him --- is his power just manifesting? She dodges to the side long before a blast and a peice of wall can hit her, her speed still helping her greatly. She gets down and puts a hand on his shoulder, checking if that injured him, if he's concious, knowing he needs to be taken to Xavier's. She thinks about her options here, if he's already revealed himself then they can't really go out the front ... Her thought is cut off as a bullet comes flying towards them, ripping through the air, but suddenly she spins and catchs it in her hand, holding it tightly before she lets it drop to the ground with a clack and it rolls to a stop, she had spun and stood, looking at the man now. It's an intimdating glance with her dark brown eyes, as if asking him to try to shoot again after that little demonstration. She isn't attacking him though which prooves she's more on defense than offense her, giving him a chance to get out of here, as she was taught to do at the Academy. Of course, she'd do a mind wipe then, as taught by Emma herself, if she could manage it.

Alex: Alex's powers have always been unstable since the very first time they manifested and while he has control most of the time, stress and adenaline will cause it to destructively manifest itself when things get too much. It's like a sort of release valve, like a kettle releasing steam but much more dangerous. It always knocks him out for a little while afterwards, though, until he absorbs enough cosmic energy to recharge.

Hunter: He narrows his eyes at the infidel, thinking uncharitable thoughts about the powers of devils and their darkness. He is blessed, though, and has had his weapons annointed and blessed. He continues firing, not caring that non of the bullets are impacting, knowing that somehow it will work. Then he stops for half a second and points downwards towards the first mutant and begins to shoot at it. One mutant is as good as the other and he doesn't particularely care which dies first, since they will all fall.

Monet: She seems to snarl at the annoyance of him continuing to shoot her which does nothing, and then when he aims for Alex. In a split second, she easily removes that gun from his grasp as well, holding it in one hand and holding him up with the other hand, by the collar, which is not the most comfortable position, especially with the ache in his back. She makes sure to not be gentle. That he doesn't realize this effort is futile, bothers her. She is vastly superior to anything he carries, can he not see that? "Leave us be, or I will not hesitate to do to you what I did to your gun." Her words are sharp, hateful. She doesn't play the 'why are you doing this?!' bit, because she does not care. She knows very well of the idiocy of some humans. Ever since it was because of humans that Everett died, she has become especially angry towards them --- sent into the mentality that all humans are bad, even if it doesn't seem like that on the surface. She will never forgive, never forget what happened that day.

Hunter: He does not struggle, not moving in the acceptance that perhaps he will die in his duty towards God, but that he must ot back down from the abominations. He supresses a shudder that it is touching him, but contents himself with knowing that her blood will splatter beautifully from such a close range. Moving an arm subtly, the fullest range of motion that he can get when he's held such an incapacitated from the pain in his back to slip his silver dagger from it's sheath. Then, in a quick motion he brings it up and stabs at her, watching expectantly for it to sink into her flesh. Silver is sacred, especially that which was once a holy cruxifix blessed by the holy orders.

Monet: Monet just feels the absolute lightest brush against her chocolate skin, close to where her heart is. Strangely, it hits the skin and just, stops. It causes the tiniest tear in her white top as it drapes right there, but nothing more. No matter how hard he pushs, he cannot move it foward at all. She suddenly throws him angerily at that as his suprise sets in, causing him to fly down the hallway before he slams into a white wall, hard enough to knock him out this time but not to break anything. She looks down to the small cut in her clothing and frowns. Now she'll need a new one. She does not dwell on this for long as she is not stupid, turning back to Alex. She gets down again, shaking him lightly to see if he'll get up from the apparently passed out state.