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Sat, Sep. 13th, 2003, 05:32 pm
_iceman_: LOG: Bobby and Pietro

Summary: Bobby and Pietro meet up in the Danger Room and have a short training session.
Setting: Danger Room

Pietro: ::Pietro finally got off his butt and decided to actually work out some, since it had been a while since he's had to use his powers for actual battle. He quickly suited up and raced to the entrance to the Danger Room::

Bobby: Inside the Danger Room, Bobby was fiddling with the control panel. After his talk with Sara the other night, he'd become more determined to fix the programing for the Danger Room. Earlier on, though, he'd been training so he was still suited up. He looked up when Pietro walked in. "Long time no see," he greeted him.

Pietro: ::He grinned, walking up to him:: Hey there, Ice Boy, it's been a while. How are things? ::he smiled and started to stretch a bit::

Bobby: "Too bloody quiet," he replied, replacing the grating over the panel. He stretched his legs a little. "You going to do a bit of training?" he asked him.

Pietro: ::he nodded, finishing his stretching:: Yeah man, it's been too long since I've really worked out. Thought maybe I should at least stay in some shape, heh. ::he gestured over to the panel:: This thing working?

Bobby: Bobby grinned. "Yeah, just fiddling." He patted the grating. "Soon we may actaully have three-dimensional training programs," he told him. "For now we stick with the traditional Danger Room, though. You mind if I tag along?" he asked.

Pietro: Not at all my friend. Could always use the company while I'm bashing bots and whatnot. ::he smirked:: They are still bots and stuff, right? It's been a while for me.

Bobby: "Just watch out for the newly installed lasers," Bobby told him with a wink. "I'll be back in one second," he told his old friend. He hurried up into the main control room that sat above the Danger Room to allow observation. He set the Danger Room settings and headed back down. The control panel allowed for manual starting and stopping of the program if there was no one in the control room. "Whenever you're ready, Speedy," he told him.

Pietro: ::he grinned:: Born ready, Popsicle. He stepped in the main area of the Danger Room, prepared for anything as the program started up. Almost immediately, the floor and walls were filled with larger and more menacing robots, robotic tentacles, booby traps, and mounted laser cannons:: Crap, I see it's been through a few changes

Bobby: Bobby just shook his head at Pietro. "Times change," was all he said. It was all he had time to say as the program really started up and he was up and running, dodging laser cannon beams as he went. One of the robots started towards him and he iced the floor beneath it , causing it to slip and crash down to the ground, seemingly rocking the entire Danger Room. "Oops," he muttered to himself, as he kept going.

Pietro: That they do! ::he dodged a robot just as it was about to run into him, then sped around and ramed it from behind, sending it into the previously exploded bot. He weaved in between the many obstacles, narrowly dodging laser blasts::

Bobby: Absently forming an iceslide over the fallen robot, Bobby dodge a few more laser shots and in doing so missed the robotic tentacle headed in his directions. It knocked him off the iceslide and he fell hard on his side. "Watch we're you're going Drake," he told himself as he dodged the tentacles next attack, rolling underneat it and running like crazy. He happened to run straight towards the wall. Damnit, he thought and turned around. He stretched out his arm and froze the tentacle as it approached.

Pietro: ::Pietro too happned to not be looking where he was headed, and closelined right into an incoming robotic arm, flipping a few times in the air before landing on his stomach and face:: Ow... ::he quickly got up and started to run in tight circles around a small group of robots, creating a cyclone strong enough to swing them around, smashing them into walls::

Bobby: Feeling like the juvenle he was, Bobby got a kick out of puching the robotic tentacle over and watching it smash to pieces. He then set about attempting to freeze the laser cannons, getting singed a few times for his efforts.

Pietro: ::suddenly, four large walls rose up all around him, encasing him in a forty-foot high cage. He started to run around the walls in a circle, increasing his speed to run up the walls, and eventually over the ledge, where he was met with a barrage of laser blasts, some of which he couldn't dodge in time, leaving his arms and one of his legs singed a bit::

Bobby: Shrugging off the slight pain he felt, Bobby completed his task of freezing the cannons and hoped that Scott had made them waterproof, or he was in big trouble. Dodging the remaining tentacles and robots, he made his way, on an iceslide, to the control panel within the Danger Room. He looked around for Pietro, and nodded in his direction as he shut off the program.

Pietro: ::he nodded over to him and slowed to a stop near him, rubbing his arm a bit:: Well, that was invigorating, eh? ::he laughed a bit:: Guess I'm gonna have to keep working out some more to get back into shape.

Bobby: Bobby nodded. "I swear Scotty programs new things into this without telling me, just so I can amuse him," he said, checking out the singes on his arms. Seeing that he was not mortally wounded, he stretched a bit so he didn't tense. "Well, if you hang around here long enough Scotty will be shoving you into training whether you want it or not. The X-Men need to start doing what they were started for."

Pietro: I couldn't agree with you more, Bobby. We will be a strong team again soon, don't you worry. ::he stretched and yawned:: Well, I think I'm gonna go get some rest now after that. I'll catch you later, okay Popsicle? ::he grinned::

Bobby: Bobby nodded. "Night, Speedy." He watched as Pietro left, then resumed working on what he had been doing before the training session.

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