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Sat, Sep. 13th, 2003, 05:54 pm
_sunspot_: Log: Roberto and Ali

Synopsis: Roberto and Ali have a little...."fun" in the den. But wait! There's a twiiiiiist.

Location: The Den

GlazedDonut2186: ::Roberto was lying in the den, resting on the couch, watching the tube, trying to figure out something to do::

weetziefairie: *All of sudden, Ali came in wearing almost next to nothing. Every inch of her body was wet, including the tight leather corset and stockings. Her eyes looked him over before allowing herself to lick her lips. She purred over at him.* Hello there.

GlazedDonut2186: ::he stopped doing everything just then, dropping the remote along with his jaw. His eyes were like saucers, quickly scanning over her entire beautiful, wet body:: H--hi ::was all he could get out::

weetziefairie: *Every step included a wiggle of her hips as she shashayed over to him. When they were close, she closed the gap by wrapping a leg around him. Her tongue was so close to him, pretending to lick his chest.*

GlazedDonut2186: ::he was still in quite some shock, but quickly forced himself to relax, so as to not scare her off. He ran a hand up the leg she wrapped around him, awaiting her next move::

weetziefairie: *Finally finished with tempting him, Ali leaned in and grabbed his mouth roughly with hers It was a fierce kiss, filled with lust and passion. When she pulled back, a smirk occupied her lips.* Like that?

GlazedDonut2186: ::the pleasure continued to linger with full force in his mouth, as his eyes opened and he nodded:: Oh yes... ::he reached up with his other hand to the back of her head and pulled her closer, kissing her with the same ferocity she kissed him with::

weetziefairie: *She moaned once she felt everything the kiss had to offer. Fingers trailed down from her sides to his neck, stroking each side softly.*

GlazedDonut2186: ::he let his hands run around behind her, quickly working at the strings of her corset, still kissing her very deeply, sucking hard on her tongue::

weetziefairie: *She didn't even notice where his hands were as she concetrated on the pleasure. Her mind was only centered on him, only him.*

GlazedDonut2186: ::he succeeded in untying the strings, slowly slipping it off of her shoulders, his tongue carressing hers with all the passion he had::

weetziefairie: *Alison felt the leather fall away from her body but she didn't care. Stepping in some more but allowing room for her outfit to fall of her. When it finally fell she stepped back, showing him her well toned body.* Come here Roberto. *More of that damn purring*

GlazedDonut2186: ::he was in awe again, his eyes focused on her stunningly beautiful body. He obediantly got up, his extreme arrousal obvious from the large bulge in his pants, as he walked over to her, loving her purring::

weetziefairie: *Her eyes darted straight to his pants.* Someone's happy to see me, eh? *She closed the distance between them again, feeling every curve in his body. He would too since all she had on was the stockings.*

GlazedDonut2186: ::he nodded, grinning:: Oh yes....very much so... ::he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her naked body closer to his, feeling her breasts against his chest::

weetziefairie: *Her hands immediately went to start unzipping his pants. With each small noise, it was torture for her body to wait this long. She brought her lips close to his ear.* I need you.

GlazedDonut2186: ::hearing her whisper that in his ear, just made him want it even more. He turned her face back towards his and kissed her passionately again, slowly turning them around, and moving them towards the couch again::

weetziefairie: *SHe was being pushed to the couch, but Ali didn't mind. Everything was going to plan. When she feel onto it, she gestured for him to follow suit.*

GlazedDonut2186: ::he gently layed himself on top of her, after pulling his pants off of his legs and kicking them away. He started to plant kisses all along her soft neck::

weetziefairie: *She looked into his eyes rubbing against him body* Wake up, wake up...

GlazedDonut2186: ::he looked up at her:: Huh? What do you mean... ::at that moment, his dream fizzled away from his vision, and he opened his eyes to see Ali standing over him, trying to wake him up::

weetziefairie: *Her hand was on his are chest pushing him softly. Since it was 11 o'clock, the kids wanted to get into the room.* Morning.

GlazedDonut2186: ::he blinked a few times, trying to regain his thoughts:: Wha...I'm in the den... ::he looked up at her:: Weren't you in here with me last night?

weetziefairie: *Her eyebrows shot up and she gave him a funny little smile* Nope. I could be here with you tonight though. *It was all in jest but a part of her wanted that too.*

GlazedDonut2186: ::he tried to really wake up:: Wow...must've been a dream... ::he looked over to her, hearing her say that:: You could be with me tonight, eh? ::he smirked::

Sat, Sep. 13th, 2003 03:40 pm (UTC)
_buff: OOC, like, duh *Hair flip*