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Mon, Sep. 15th, 2003, 12:04 am

Synopsis: Jono goes and picks up Kurt from the airport. Kurt moves in on Angelo's man >:D Friendliness! ^_^ TBC.

Location: New York airport

x GenX Chamber x: Jono, for some reason, had been the one sent out to go pick up this new kid from the airport. It was decided a Gen X kid would be best to get him --- but everyone had had plans that day. Monet was not itching to see the boy again, and Jubilee was not around. So they drew straws. Jono somehow ended up with the job, even with a 2 out of 3 game. Upon having no car to take, he asked Monet who had given a sharp no, and then he asked Paige who didn't want to either. And then Paige asked Monet if she would please, as its not like she couldnt afford if Jono did something to her car. 15 minutes later after arguments --- Jono was in Monet's sleek black car, heading to the airport. He'd briefly been told about Kurt; his age, that he'd been with Gen X before he'd even gotten there for about a month and some ... but basically, no more. He'd parked his car and headed into the crowded New York airport, wearing a black fitting t-shirt over his thin form and long black jeans with boots as well. His mouth was covered in bandages, it all passing for a gothic 'look', rather than mutancy. He eyes the gate numbers before he comes upon Gate 56, the one Kurt's to come from in a matter of minutes. Jono slips his hands in his pockets, his shoulders falling slightly. It was a cloudy day yet humid as well --- not that he noticed.

Ice Blue Refrax: Kurt shuffles off the plane awkwardly, avoiding families with energetic children and older passangers who were staring at him. Brown hair looking as if he's slept on it wrong with Gel in it. It was half in spikes that sort of leaned off to the right, drooping over into his eyes and then sweeping off to the side. His eyes are carefully concealed by a pair of icey blue-silver rimmed sunglasses that mirror everything. Its not his face the people are staring at though, its the ratty, artfully torn jeans that he's been absolutely POURED into, tight enough to make even Jono raise an eyebrow. His top wasnt much better, a white tank top that clearly defined everything below, so old that he was headlighting without the shirt even being wet. His jacket was a studded denim one, covered in band stickers and various pins, but its too short to hide the strip of skin that shows from his hipbones to just above his navel. He gives a glance around, expression impossible to discern, before throwing himself into a chair and putting his head in his hands. As Jono approaches, he can hear him whispering to himself, and tapping his foot rapidly. He also gets an eyeful of the boots themselves, which are black and have actual HEELS, like something The Artist Formerly Knwn As Prince might wear. Enough to make a man laugh, if he wasn't hearing Kurts soft, shaky voice, "Breathe man, breath. It's fine, it's fine they'll fine me, It's the X-men, they got telepaths, s'all right... breathe..."

x GenX Chamber x: Jono pauses for a moment, but it's not hard to pick Kurt out of a crowd. Plus, he had a mild developing telepathy that helped him confirm. On the other hand, it made being in crowded places like this a giant hassle of people's thoughts he couldn't care less about to hear whispering in his head every few seconds until he concentrated enough to block it out. He puts a pale hand down on top of the chair beside Kurt's, standing behind those ones that are in asiles near the gates. [['ello.]] A British accented voice suddenly bounces around Kurt's head, giving no real direction where it came from, and he had silently approached anyway among the noisy crowd. When he looks left and right he spots Jono who wasn't that far away at all, looking down at the younger boy as he stood 6'3, his own dirty blonde hair brushed back neatly-yet-not, with peices sticking out. Scars climbed up his face from where the bandages stopped where his long nose began, curving around his eyes which were a dark, dark brown, standing out from oddly pale skin. [[... You're Kurt, yeh?]] He hopes, for a moment, he didn't go make a stupid mistake with his sly little entry and accidently scare the daylights out of some normal human who just happened to meet the same description.

Ice Blue Refrax: Kurt jerks up with a start, and then looks surreptitiously from side to side, trying to see if anyone else is hearing the strange, accented voice in his head. After a second, he catches sight of the pale hand on the back of the seat and jumps slightly. "That you in my head?" His voice is probably not what Jono expected. No longer a whisper, its suddenly kind of brash and cheerful. Carefree-sounding. The voice catches for a moment when Kurt takes the time to search that face. The sunglasses hide most of his reaction, but Jono can feel the shock, and the twinge of fear, which Kurt quickly quashes down. "Hey, yeah that's me!" As if to prove he isn't afraid, he reaches out first, taking Jono's hand and shaking it firmly. "What'll I call you, then, Band-aid man?" Jono stiffens slightly, but feels the boy give his hand a little squeeze, something to gentle the prod. His hand is surprisingly rough, he looks more fragile that he really is. "I'm just joking though. Never seen anyone dressed like you though. I like your jacket." In fact, he looks like he may like his jacket a little MORE than strictly necessary, eyeing it like he's almost sizing it up before shaking his head, clucking at himself. "But ah… I think we should walk and talk, if you know what I mean." Jono gets to be surprised as Kurt actually looks nervous, like police might come trooping up any second. He leans toward Jono, and stretches to his tiptoes to be near his ear. "Between you and I, I'm not particularly up for a strip search today." The boy leaves Jono to ponder what the hell that might mean and then starts down the hallway; as it becomes suddenly conspicuous that he has no baggage whatsoever.

x GenX Chamber x: He eyes Kurt curiously when he looks to his jacket, giving only a little nod to answer the compliment. And, to the last part, [[Er ... Right... I don't think yeh'll 'ave t'worry about that.]] Wonders if that's a bit of weird humour or whatever, but shrugs it off. He doesn't really mind the joke name he threw out, as Jubilee has done much worse. Jono heads down the hallway with Kurt, glancing over at him. [[Me name's Jono. And if yer of the code name kind, Chamber.]] He'd rather not have anyone to deal with thinking it's funny to poke at him like that, like Jubilee did. His empathy registers a lot of what is hidden in a visual reaction of Kurt's, but with all the bodies around it all seems like a thick haze of emotion. [[Yeh got one too?]] A nickname is what he refers to. Considering he'd been at the Massachusetts Academy before. And he also, notices after a moment. [[Let's go pick up yer bags.]] Looks for the turn that will bring them to where the bags are dropped off amid the crowd.

Ice Blue Refrax: Glad Jono thought he was joking, Kurt puts his left hand in his pocket, fingering something that clinked before pulling his hands out and looping his thumbs in his belt. His pants pockets are too tight to fit his hands. When he leads the way, Jono can see two tears in the jeans just below his ass so that theres a flash of skin every time he takes a step; he rolls his eyes just in time for the boy to turn around and see it. "Hey man!" Kurt grins good naturdley and spins around, tugging at his clothes. "They were the only clothes handy! S'not like that letter came with a gift certificate for the goddamn GAP! Uh.... I don't know how to do ... that head-talking thing, but, I hope it's ok that I'm talkin to myself here." The shorter man turns again and weaves easily through the sea of people, then comes back and tugs on the edge of Jono's jacket to get him past the luggage carousel. Something in his manner seems wrong, but not enough for Jono to actually worry. "Uhm... I'm set for now... Jono." The pause is a pretty short one, but Kurt doesnt bother to hide the fact that he's staring. Its not a cruel stare, Jono can feel it, simple curiosity radiating from the smaller mutant. "You hurt? You feel ok?" He gives a quick quirk to the corner of his mouth, before reaching up and running his finger up a scar, very very gently. "Ah... just looks like some kind of an accident." In truth, his curiosity is also hiding the fact that he wants Jono to forget about the luggage. I mean, the boy obviously doesnt even have a toothbrush, the last thing he wants is questions. Up close, Jono can also see his skin, slightly dirtier than he appeared before, and can smell him. Not a bad smell, just... like a city and a cab ride and something that he looked, and probably was, too young to be drinking. "I mean, 'not bad or anything, just ... hurty." Gives him a smile before he can answer, to show he was just chatting, and doesnt need to explain if he doesnt want to. "By the way, I think... I think they decided my name would be Refrax, at the old institute"

x GenX Chamber x: Jono pulls back slightly when he decides to touch him, not use to invasion of his space from newbies who were usually scared of him.[[Yeh, yer could say that.]] In reference to an 'accident'. His tone is hollow sounding as always so bitterness can be hidden within himself. He's just meeting the kid, no reason to bring him down just yet. Jono shrugs when he mentions it being something that would be painful. [[I don't feel anything anymore.]] Of course, that manner isn't exactly cheery either. Still, Chamber wasn't exactly dressed in bright colours and bouncing on his toes, so a sort of colder attitude was to be expected from him anyway. Nothing new. [[Yer didn't get taught by Em' fer very long then, did ye?]] Not knowing how to communicate to a telepath. It must of taken Kurt a few seconds to realize he was referring to Emma, Emma Frost. [[Yer think the words, I can 'ear them.]] Pause. [[Not that ye' need t'do it that way, I don't care. And ... I wouldn't look into yer 'ead for any other reason, like she does.]] It's almost a sort of way to give respect to privacy and ask for the same manner in return. Adds that last part as telepaths can be unnerving, especially ones like Emma. [[Refrax, right ...]] Which reference to some sort of ... [[What sort of power would ye' 'ave, then?]] Jono watchs out for their safety through this all, because if one wrong person heard the word 'mutant' or 'xavier's' or anything like that, they could be in deep shit right away. He's also temporarily destracted from the baggage, but he wouldn't completly blank out on it. He notes all the things about Kurt, but beside an amusing half-expression here and there, he isn't vastly suprised. Mutants didn't come from great places 99.9% of the time.

Ice Blue Refrax: Kurt pulls back a bit, he's not into talking about himself much anymore, not like he used to be. Now he's much more withdrawn, but feels he has to overcompensate for it. He's learned that acting like a kicked puppy will only get him more questions. "Uh... well... I never learned much about the.. uh... logistics... of it... but---" In his head, Kurt can barely believe the change. Logistics. He remembers that word from school, Ms. Frost used to say it a lot. Last night he was screaming 'Fuck Me' and this morning it was 'Logistics'. Jesus, life was confusing. With a sudden start he realized that Jono had said "TELEPATH' and Telepath meant that you were a goddamn mind broadcasting system that they could tune into. He shut down his thoughts as quickly as possible, and began talking a little faster than strictly necessary, blushing an embarrassing shade of pink. "Well I think that it's a kind of x-ray vision but also some other kind of ray that can melt almost anything… I've gotten real good at controlling it, in fact I cant even use it if I don't concentrate but I don't like to lose the glasses, see my eyes are this weird color that's not very.. uh… normal, so I get looks if I'm walkin around with my brown hair and eyeballs this weird… this weird color like ice reflecting the sky." When Jono gives him a funny look, he smiles brilliantly, white teeth with surprisingly sharp canines. "I said people think it's weird, that don't mean I don't like it."

x GenX Chamber x: It was sort of amusing, Jono's empathy definetly registered the sudden nervousness of him being a telepath. But he wasn't that trained in it anyway, he couldn't directly hear anything he was thinking unless he specifically concentrated and hard at that. [[Good t' 'ear.]] Says in a sort of way that's sincere but it's said as he looks off to the side, around for the luggage area. He found the company of adjusted mutants much better then ones who were freaked of it. Jono wasn't exactly the comforting kind. You didn't know 'sticking out' until you'd met Jono. Sure, there were people with different coloured skin, but there were image inducers for it. He'd been given one once before at the MA academy, but for some reason, it didn't work on him. Something about his psionic energy interupting the wave length of the technology it used. Unlike what Kurt had seen when he'd arrived at that school, Jono wasn't jumping into bragging about his own power with long words, like in some sort of competition for who could have the best one. He pauses, suddenly, when he notices something strange. [[...Yeh don't 'ave any bags, do ye?]] Looks back to Kurt finally, and it seems like this is going the wrong direction, before --- [[Neither did I when I got 'ere a few weeks ago. No wasting time unpacking, eh?]] Seems Jono would like to avoid any unsaid uncomfortableness as well, and it's an attempt at kindness finally, but his expression never seems to waver that much. For obvious reasons.

Ice Blue Refrax: The wave of hurt that had momentarily pressed into Kurt's chest lifted, and he felt like throwing himself into this stranger's chest. A mutant. And what was more, a kind mutant, someone who wasn't there to deliberately trod on his feelings, and who saw him as... well... anything but what he used to be. Kurt had gotten along with Mondo because the other boy was willing to trade companionship for submission. All Kurt had to do was keep his head down, watch what he said a little... He'd gotten too good at it over the years, making himself into a ghost just to hang on to personalities stronger than him, so he felt secure, protected. But this man was different, offering nothing but honesty. Overcome for a moment, he did take a step towards the taller man, and pressed against his front, but lightly enough not to make Jono scared for them. His thin arms snake around Jono's back, and Jono finds himself looking around with slight embarrassment, the boy pressed comfortably against the tight front of his bandages, giving him a hug that's just south of friendly, but also, not anything too improper. His voice coes out thinner now, a little quieter. "Thanks... Thank you so much, Jono." He pulls back then, and looks up, lowering his sunglasses and peering through his dark eyelashes. The color of his eyes DOES look bizarre, kind of eerie, definitely a mutant mark. Icy blue and ever-shifting, they do in fact look like ice under a blue sky. "I... I was... I mean…" There's a moment where Jono can feel everything, too much really, a rush of what this man wants to share but needs to hide: The ache and the shame and tired body and sore jaw and a wound, somewhere on him that Jono couldn't see and the deep, deep desire for someone to accept him and ... and also, desire for a hot shower. To wash away whatever he was. His small, strong hands played with the edge of Jono's bandages, and then he forced himself away, worried that he might be... intruding. Jono's connection was abruptly cut off, and Kurt pushed his sunglasses back up, smiling down at the floor now. He looks at least three years younger that he did when he came off the plane, even though he can't hide he's at least eighteen... not with the clothes he's wrapped in. "I was hoping… you'd show me wherever I'm s'posed to be goin'! Who's crazy enough to ask my ass back to mutant boarding school?"