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The Uncanny X-Men

The mutants are everywhere

Uncanny X-Men
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1) CANON - This RP is mainly comic-canon based, but you may play your character based from Evo or movie if you can fit them in correctly.

2) KNOW YOUR CHARACTER - This is in relation to canon. We'd like canon personalities, and the like. You can do different relationships and such -- as long as it's IC to a degree for the character. If you show no signs of knowing your character over the course of time, you may be removed.

3) POST REGULARLY - Character journals need to be updated once every 10 days. And it should be more than a one liner, to show you're actually particpating. You will be removed without warning if you do not post for 20 days (You will recieve a warning on the 10th day). If you have a reason for your absence such as a family trip, you must tell the mod (_jono). Also, you need to give your character a reason for being absent.

4) PLOT - We'd like this RP to have a considerable amount of it, so it's requested you try to give your character an on going plot. You may discuss it with other members so you can all have one going at once, whatever you like. In other words, we don't want characters just staying in their rooms and doing nothing for the whole RP.

5) LOG POSTING - All logs done in private IM, if they're in considerable size, should be posted to the community.

a) In the title, you write LOG: Character 1 and Character 2, OR LOG: Group. This helps to make them easier to archive.

b) Write a short synopsis and the location the log took place.

c) If you're feeling nice, bold the SNs. Put spaces inbetween characters posts so it's easier to read.

d) Feel free to add any extra notes.

6) ORIGINAL CHARACTERS - None are being accepted at this current time.

7) JOINING - If you want to join, IM Koko and ask. Please check over the list to make sure they're not already taken. A small writing sample may be requested.


Jean Grey - _jeangrey_
Scott Summers/Cyclops - _scottsummers
Logan/Wolverine - mutant_logan
Bobby Drake/Iceman - _iceman_
Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler - _kurtwagner
Rogue - r0gue_
Jonothon Starsmore/Chamber - _jono
Paige Guthrie/Husk - _husk
Jubilation Lee/Jubilee - firecrackajubes
Piotr Rasputin/Colossus - steel_shadow
Emma Frost/White Queen - the_white_queen
Sean Cassidy/Banshee - _banshee_
Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver - pietro_maximoff
Neal Sharra/Thunderbird - thunderb1rd
Alison Blaire/Dazzler - lettherebelight


Sara Burke - sara_burke
Theresa Cassidy/Siryn - tess_cassidy
Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane - xrahnex
Nathan Grey/X-Man - nathan_grey
St. John Allerdyce/Pyro - atouchoffire
Joshua Guthrie/Hymn - joshua_guthrie
Alex Summers/Havok - alex_summer
Lorna Dane/Polaris - _polaris_
Katherine Pryde/Shadowcat - shadowcatx
Tabitha Smith/Boom Boom - xboomboomx
Roberto DaCosta/Sunspot - _sunspot_
Heather Cameron/Lifeguard - baywatcher
Angelica Jones/Firestar - __firestar
Amara Aquilla/Magma - xamarax
Danielle Moonstar/Mirage - moonstar_mirage
Clarice Ferguson/Blink - xclaricex
TJ Wagner - xtjx
Laynia Petrovna/Darkstar - darkstar__
Angelo Espinosa/Skin - _skindeep_
Arlee Hicks/Buff - _buff
Kurt Pastorius/Refrax - ice_bluerefrax

Erik Lensherr/Magneto - magnetic_martyr


Eryn MacKenzie - _eryn
Gaia - _gaia_
Penance - N/A
Moira MacTaggart - marvelous_moira
Monet St. Croix/M - impressionist_m
Wolfe - xwolfex


Rachel Summers

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