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Wed, Sep. 10th, 2003, 09:04 pm
_jono: LOG: Jono and Rahne

Synopsis: Rahne goes out to town, as Jono has as well. A shady character (<.<) suddenly puts a mind control on Rahne, alerting Jono who follows the two before mind control is put on him as well shortly after, and then they're taken to a hide out. TBC!
Location: Starsbucks/bookstore > Outside > Hideout

xi wolfsbane ix: The midmorning sunlight had crept up to Rahne Sinclair's face, warmly kissing her soft, flawless skin. Her emerald eyes, as large, beautiful, and radient as the jewel, fluttered open. Sighing softly, she pushed herself up with her forearms into a sitting position, folding her hands in the pool of covers that formed in her lap. She hads awoken with a feeling of being energized, and therefore didnt feel like staying at home. She pulled a grey knitted turtle necked sweater over her head, fixing her hair that had become a victim to static. She pulled a pair of blue jeans on, one hole in the left knee, and slipped into a pair of black chucks. In 15 minutes, she was out the door wihout a word to anyone. She had yet to keep any friends, due to her shyness. She had wanted to explore New York, and she caught a cab a few blocks down from the institute. The cab drove her into the city, leaving her at the end of Kings and Prince Street, not far from the Empire State building. (<< COMPLETELY made up ^_^) She thanked him with a quiet smile, and handed him some American money. As soon as she stepped onto the curb, she was roughly bumped by a man twice her size. Rahne, being only 5'1", was completely overpowered, and fell to her knees. She was helped up by an old woman, who told her to be careful in this large city. Rahne wasn't used to this many people at one time.. She had grown up in a small town in Scotland, and she had never even thought of seeing so many people in one place at a single time. Shaking her scarlet head, she began to slowly walk with the crowd down the street.

x GenX Chamber x: Jono had left fairly early that day --- as he had grown accustomed to not sleeping with his night shift back to London. He didn't need to --- not with his energy constantly unbandaged lately, except for when he went out into the city. He wore long black jeans and boots, a black t-shirt, bandages from beneath the shirt coming up to cover where his mouth should be, scars and burns traveling up right where it began and climbed his face, curving near his eyes. It mainly got him pitying looks, as he passed more for a victim of bad burns then a mutant. Everyone always assumed mutants had a wonderful life with their perfect, superior powers. It wasn't something he noticed any more, though. His brown hair dyed a dark, dirty blonde didn't cover the imperfections nearly as well now that it was short, as when it was darker and longer. It seemed to contrast the rest of his appearence. He was in a book store, glancing over some various ones near the front, close to the shop window.

xi wolfsbane ix: Rahne continued to walk quietly with the crowd. A strore caught her eyes interest, and she walked in with a jingle of a small silver bell. It had the name "Starbucks" atop the door, and was connected to a bookstore on the left side. She looked around for a moment, a small smile creasing her lips. "Ach.. tis a coffee shop, ah kin..", she murmered under her breath. A few people caught her accent and stared at her as if she was from another world, but she didn't catch their glances. She didn't even seem to notice the sickly yellowed eyes that were watching her from a lone table near the front. All the other tables were filled, but it seemed as if the people in the shop where avoiding this man. He was dressed like any normal guy; blue jeans, shirt, jacket.. but there was something about him that made them avoid him. He followed the girl with those sick looking eyes, a smile creasing his face.. Rahne stepped up to the counter and order a small Frappichino, the lady at the counter asking her once or twice to repeat herself. Agitated, Rahne finally recieved her coffee, and began her descent out of the store. "Rahne.." A voice sounding in her head made her turn around and stop. she looked around with her large, puzzled eyes, grimacing as she heard it again. Suddenly, she lost all control of her body, but it was so sutle to everyone else, it wasn't noticed.. Still clutching her coffee, she walked over to the lone man, staring at him with empty eyes. All he did.. was smile..

x GenX Chamber x: Jono opens another book, skimming through the pages. He didn't have his music now, his record player long gone, and it would be awhile before he could afford one ... even a CD player. Instead, he had immerging himself in books lately, dark ones usually. Long peices of poetry as well, now looking over a large compilation book. Something suddenly hit his telepathy ... oddly. It was a power that was certainly stronger than it use to be, it was growing on it's own though. Noone had been teaching him how to develop it when it first began to show really obvious signs --- he had been in London. He'd dealt with the overwhelming amount of voices only once or twice --- usually it was just a whisper here and there, and then it was gone. He isn't really even sure what it is --- it's more like a sound, than a word, but he know it's nothing good. He shuts the book softly with one hand as he'd been holding the spine, looking over his shoulder, back to the other shop. He looks curiously at it --- no real idea where the message had come from. Everything seemed... fine in there. Glances outside ... more of the same. He sets the book down and takes a few steps over, raising an eyebrow as he looks down one aisle and then to the other side, just casually checking for any odd activity. Nothing, yet ...

xi wolfsbane ix: The man before Rahne stood up, his height an even 6 ft. He smiled to her, and spoke in something that wasn't telepathy.. but more of a message surging through her msucles, telling her what to do. "Come, Rahne.. Someone's waiting for you..." Her body moved against her will, her mind screaming for help; she was confused, but her facial expressions showed nothing amiss. Placing a hand on her shoulder, the man lead her through the book store. He caught the glance of a boy in all black, a sneer creasing his face. He knew what he was.. but, the man had to use for someone like Jono yet. He laughed slighlty inside of his throat, his hand reaching for Rahne's as if they were a couple. Her body twitched.. though she was shy, Moira had made her strong willed. The yellow eyed man gave her hand a violent tug, and she stopped as he took her back under his complete control, and led her outside.

x GenX Chamber x: Jono pauses when the man passes him by, considering ignoring his blantant rudeness, and he would of probably gotten away with it until his empathy showed uneasiness for Rahne ... and the fact there was an odd pause in their own walk out, to tug Rahne along. He didn't obviously stare, he just looked out of the corner of his eye. He decided to follow, pushing open the door. Jono rarely stept into other's people's buisness, but seeing as he'd already felt something was wrong, something didn't sit right here. [[Excuse me, mate...]] The voice enters the man's head suddenly as they're out on the sidewalk, sounding like Jono was right behind him rather than about 10 feet behind, not having any subtly of a normal voice, bouncing around his head, echoing as though he spoke through a cave. When he turns, Jono gives a quick glance to Rahne, before back up to the man, who he was only a couple inchs taller than. [[Couldn't 'elp but notice, yer were ... bothering this young woman. Yer not making any trouble now, are ye'?]] His yellow eyes bothered him slightly, made him ... uneasy to some degree, and practically gave away his mutant status --- so he wasn't too worried about giving his away by speaking in his telepathic voice. To Rahne, he just appeared to be standing there, not saying a word.

xi wolfsbane ix: The man kept walking, turning around and sneering to Jono, acknowleging his words with a sneer. He gave Rahne another sharp tug, just to spite Jono, and dragged her into an alleyway. He knew Jono would follow; that was his intention. Rahne just stood there with a look on her face the resembled a porceline doll. Once in the back of the alleyway, he turned on his heel to face Jono who had undoubtidly followed them, and laughed slightly. "Tell him, love.. Tell him I'm not bothering you.." There was a slight flash in his sickly yellow eyes.. Rahne smiled widely, and spoke in her Scotish drawl.. but there was no character to it. "Nae, sir. Now, please leave us to our own devices." The man smiled, slipping his large hand around her small, well-cut waist. "See..? Now, do as the pretty lady says.. We have some buisness to attend to.." He turned around on his heal and began to walk to the brick wall, Rahnes body moving on its own as it followed. The tall man began to pull something out of his pocket..

x GenX Chamber x: Jono looks at Rahne when she speaks, looking just ... confused for a moment, as she seemed so ... delicate and ... not one you'd find to be with this sort. It seemed ... wrong. Really wrong. He wished he could control his telepathy enough to check the man's thoughts, but he could never seem to pull off a mind read correctly unless the thought was really, strongly aimed for him. Jono turns, going to leave, taking a few steps away as the man reachs into his pocket .... before he reachs up and takes his black silk bandages off, orange light shooting out from the hole that ran from his lower face to his abdomen, climbed above his head and lightly ghosted over the ground. He turned back to face the man once more, his eyes narrowed. [[Let 'er go.]] He says, solidly. He clearly doesn't believe whatever he's been told, it was ... unconvincing by his standards, it didn't ... add up, correctly. As he'd lived with one of the strongest telepaths in the world for a few years, he knew well of what could be done. He also knew his empathy never told him wrong, and that whatever hit him earlier had to do with this.

xi wolfsbane ix: The man turned around, throwing Rahne to the floor and sheilding his eyes. He advanced upon Jono, laughing softly, slowly pulling his arms away from his face. "Stop.." A voice--no.. a command inside of Jono's body forced him to bandage gimself up once more, holding the orange light withing. "Good boy. Now... come to me.." Jono's body went ridging, and then relaxed as he casually walked over to the man.. He placed a hand on Jonos shoulder, a sneer forming upon his face. "Good. We can't just have you go tell on someone now, can we...? You're coming with me." He glanced down at Rahne, who had come out of her trance. She looked up at him with a frightened look, and begun to shake.. but all voluntary movements ceased as she stood up once more, standing beside Jono as they followed him. The man took out the small device, and clicked a red button, a metal door appearing in the wall. He opened it, looking down at Rahne. "Ladies first.. Someone will be here for you shortly, my beautiful girl.." He let out a guttral laugh as he followed them it, closing the door silently behind him, and re-cloaking it.

Wed, Sep. 10th, 2003 09:13 pm (UTC)
xrahnex: OoC

Unfortunatly, sex isn't implied.. ; ;

Wed, Sep. 10th, 2003 11:05 pm (UTC)
_jono: Re: OoC

I WAS THINKING JUST THAT. "I can't type 'sex is implied' anymore. ;__;"

*Will write it next time anyway. Who cares if it's a lie*